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Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.

Creating and Maintaining
A Healthy Living Environment

Residential and Commercial Solutions.


Rapid Response” State-of-the-Art
“No Touch” Infection Control Technology


COVID-19 Surface Testing Options

As the United States continues to monitor and actively combat the spread of COVID-19, it's important for citizens to take the proper precautions to help protect their homes and businesses. Bactronix South Jersey specialists are trained and certified to administer tests in homes, schools, businesses, or restaurants. With our laboratory, we can determine and deliver results within days, not weeks. Learn how our COVID-19 surface testing can bring peace of mind and allow our customers to return to their lives and businesses.

COVID-19 Surface Testing

Whether an employee or a loved one has tested positive or you simply want to take precautions to help protect building or facility occupants, we offer qualified COVID-19 surface testing to help you better assess virus threats in a particular space. Our branded BactroKill Process can be used to help eliminate bacteria similar to coronavirus when applied on hard, nonporous surfaces.

In addition, we offer professional disinfecting and mold testing and remediation services to help combat other serious health issues and create a safe environment to live, work, or play. We'll even provide reporting and documentation that backs our services.

COVID-19 Rapid Response

Our Bactronix COVID-19 Rapid Response allows for same-day disinfecting and decontamination treatments to help you safely return to your home or business as quickly as possible. After our treatment of your home, school, business, or hospital, ask our certified specialists about your options for COVID-19 surface tests. Using our corporate laboratory, we can determine your test results within just a few days.

Call Bactronix Today

Let Bactronix South Jersey help you create and maintain a healthy living and work environment: We'll help provide a sanitation solution to one of today's biggest health challenges without harming the environment with hazardous byproducts. Contact our team today to learn how we can provide surface testing for your home or business in South Jersey.